I felt that I could trust Ann from the beginning of my Hypnotherapy session and I found myself relaxing. I started to recall my past trauma and with gentle investigation on Ann’s part I found myself releasing some of my emotional distress. Even after one session I felt less anxious and it was a relief to know that I would be listened to by someone I felt safe with. I really feel that this therapy has helped me to reclaim my life and to resolve my emotional issues. I recommend Ann to anyone seeking to completely eliminate deep seated anxieties and dealing with the root cause once and for all.

Jasmine - London

Following a tragic accident in which my husband was killed I found my sleeping patterns greatly disturbed. This led to health issues and consequent insomnia. I found that it hard to concentrate on daily living and I was spiralling into despair. The Hypnotherapy sessions with Ann helped me to relax at last and to release supressed emotions that I had bottled –up for so long. As a result I have gained an insight into my blocked emotions and confronted my fears. With Ann’s help I have managed to rebuild my life and I am sleeping better which is great. Thank you Ann.

Margaret - London

The sessions with Ann were deeply relaxing and I felt comfortable and safe in her company. Ann has helped me to examine the underlying root cause of my emotional distress. She was very professional at all times, but also kind and caring. I was able to re-visit traumatic events from my past to release them in a confidential environment. I felt much better and happier as a result.

Donna - Whitstable

Ann Hamilton is a versatile and intuitive therapist who combines a lifetime of practical experience and scholarly learning with a range of alternative therapies to develop an intensely personal and tailored approach to therapeutic healing. Through these, she helped me address deeply rooted issues and fears in a safe and supportive environment. I feel that in my six months with her I have made tangible and transformative progress, and I wholeheartedly recommend her practice.

Anabelle - London

EMDR (Eye Movement De-sensitisation Re-processing) therapy helped me to release blocked trauma, following a serious road traffic accident. I had been experiencing severe panic attacks and flashback nightmares on an almost daily basis. I could not get on with my life and I felt permanently ‘on edge, and I had lost focus in my work which was impacting on my home life. EMDR therapy sessions with Ann helped me to safely work through the trauma I had experienced. To release it and to get my life back once more. I no longer suffer from the constant negative emotions, panic attacks or flashbacks, and I am enjoying my life again. Ann is highly skilled, kind and professional and I greatly appreciate her time and effort.

Simon - Canterbury

Ann is a highly skilled therapist. I was so impressed by her flexibility and her great range of skills and knowledge. What also impressed me most was that she spent time in researching the best approaches for me between the sessions. I found that this type of therapy gets to the root cause of issues in a completely different way, and much faster than I expected. I know that this therapy has transformed my health and well-being. Issues that have dragged me down for years are now lifted from me and I feel a new freedom as a result. Thank you for the help you have given me and my family Ann.

Maria - Canterbury

Therapy with Ann is a safe and nurturing space in which you can discover all the buried fears, or problems for what they really are, and learn to move past them. Ann's vast knowledge and qualifications are both fascinating and extremely helpful to those on a journey. My regular visits to the seaside of Whitstable to visit Ann have brought such joy to my life! Time spent with Ann has been priceless and in turn made such a difference in me that many have noticed and I myself can feel on a daily basis.

Thank you Ann for setting me free!

Rebecca - London

The techniques demonstrated and practised showed real positive results after only 3 sessions, which were very relaxing and informative.
Ann is clearly a very highly experienced person in the field of Hypnotherapy, and has a very relaxing manner of working.
I would recommend anybody suffering from stress to visit Ann’s clinic

Robert - Tunbridge Wells

I had smoked 20 cigarettes a day for the past 10 years and finally decided to quit, but needed help. I gave up after just one session of Hypnotherapy with Ann. I felt very comfortable during the session and experienced a deeply relaxing state… I am absolutely delighted and I looking forward to a healthy, cigarette free New Year 2016!

Leanne - Canterbury