Past Life Regression Therapy

Past Life Regression allows you to safely travel to your past lives and to look at old problems in new ways. This can be a valuable form of healing... even if you do not believe in reincarnation!

Past Life Regression


I trained as a Past Life Regression Therapist in 2002 and this therapeutic process owes much to the ancient shamanic cultures of the Native American Indians. Soul and Past life Therapy provides a safe, effective and guided way to facilitate healing at deep levels.


Past Life Regression Therapy

I use hypnosis and regression to help my clients to gain access to a deeply subconscious state that is not limited by time and space or logic, but is a gateway to understanding. The conscious mind is aware and observing at all times but the relaxed, altered state of awareness allows the mind to freely wander where it needs to go for profound healing to take place.

“It puts the client in a magical forest that holds the healing tree.”
– Dr.Brian Weiss: ‘Through Time into Healing’

Past Life Regression Therapy combines psychotherapeutic techniques with shamanic healing and is both cathartic and revealing.

  • It is very relaxing for the sub-conscious mind to enjoy an Inner Voyage Journey using Hypnotic Meditation combined with Regression Therapy.
  • It provides a process to look at old problems in new ways…to reveal underlying causes of either emotional or physical problems
  • It gives us insights into blockages & reoccurring patterns of behaviour.
  • It helps to give us healing, closure & change.

Past Life Regression Therapy Session

  • RELAXATION &VISUALISATION (connecting with your Guardian Angel/Spirit Guide or Power Animal).
  • EXPLORATION OF PAST LIFE (using a therapist guided process).
  • HEALING OF THE PAST LIFE (relationships, injuries, and trauma). This can often take more than 1 session.
  • CLOSING DOWN & RESTORING to CONSCIOUSNESS (with a light massage to the head, shoulders, back, legs & feet.
  • PROCESSING THE STORY & SESSION. You will be sent an email sound recording of the session for your own interpretation.
  • I will follow-up with a summary report.
  • I would normally see clients again to heal or release anything not dealt with in this first session.

All therapy sessions are recorded and you will receive a copy of the recording.