How often are the sessions?

Clients are usually seen on a weekly basis.

How many sessions will I need?

Each client is individual and so it can take longer for complex issues to be
resolved. 8 -10 sessions is a rough guide.

What happens in a session?

I establish a safe, calm and confidential space during sessions and allow my client’s to gently explore their emotional and psychological distress. The client relaxes comfortably in a chair with their feet up and if they wish, covered by a blanket. Bottled–up emotions can be uncovered with the aid of trance hypnosis which allows me to communicate with the client’s sub-conscious.
The aim is to forensically get to the root cause of their unconscious anxieties to release, rebalance and resolve the cause and the effect.

The first session

The initial session is 1 hour 30 minutes. A detailed case history is taken. This session is primarily concerned with establishing the precise details of the client’s condition as well as the important task of defining the exact outcome the client wishes to gain from therapy.

I aim to relax my client and establish rapport which is essential for a successful outcome during sessions. At this stage some simple hypnotic relaxation techniques are taught in order to help the client clearly visualise that desired outcome. The session is usually concluded with a brief, deeper trance experience by way of an introduction for those who haven’t experienced hypnosis before.

Subsequent sessions

Session 2 and subsequent sessions are hypnotic in nature and the client is invited to re-visit memories, which are freely associated to one another by the client. This is the natural way the deeper mind links and connects information, and by using the hypnotic state to keep the conscious mind relaxed and occupied elsewhere, it is the most rapid way to find and access the root cause of the symptoms. These sessions are one hour in length.
The client’s sensory world is navigated using a variety of therapeutic tools and techniques that I have been trained in. This will help me to uncover the root cause and to ‘peel the layers back’ and help the client to release bottled–up emotions that are causing their psychological distress.
This naturally resolves emotional conflicts and is truly liberating for the client when the breakthrough eventually happens! I find it is a privilege to witness this as a therapist.

Code of ethics and confidentiality

I adhere to a strict code of conduct and professional ethics as set by the professional bodies to which I belong. These codes of conduct require that I adopt a policy of regular supervision in which standards of clinical practice are closely monitored. I am, furthermore, committed to a rigorous policy of continuing professional education and development.

Cancellation and Non-attendance

Cancellations or non-attendance at sessions without the benefit of, at least, 48 hours’ notice will render you liable for the full fee for the session.